The House Glow Safety Policy

When you have scheduled your project with House Glow for our services, you must take the necessary steps to prepare your home residents or tenants. If you have questions, please call us at 210-706-0075.

1. Keep Pets and Children Inside

Our cleaning equipment can be dangerous. While we take the necessary safety precautions to complete your project, we need you to keep children and pets inside throughout our session. For commercial and multi-family locations, we recommend two notices to prepare your tenants: 1-week prior and a 24-hour reminder.

2. Close Doors, Windows and Remove Screens

Ensure all windows and doors are closed and sealed shut to avoid water or soap entering your home or building. If you have retained us for house or building washing services, we advise you to remove screens from windows. You are responsible for the removal and putting screens back on windows.

3. Leave an Emergency Contact Number

We strive to work without disturbing you. However, in the event there’s an incident please ensure we have a point of contact who is authorized to make decisions.

4. Nofity Your Neighbors or Residents

Notify your neighbors or tenants that we will be working on your property. Communicate when we will be working and where our vehicles will be located.

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