Reporting Graffiti in San Antonio: How to Get Help with Cleanup and Prevention

If you spot graffiti in San Antonio, it’s important to report it as soon as possible to help prevent further damage and keep our city looking clean and beautiful. Here’s what you need to know about reporting graffiti in San Antonio:

Who to call: The first step is to report the graffiti to the City’s Graffiti Abatement Program (GAP). You can do this by calling 311 or downloading the free 311 mobile app for your smartphone or mobile device. You can also report graffiti online through the City’s website.

What to include in your report: When you report graffiti, be sure to provide as much information as possible, including the location of the graffiti (including the address or a description of where it’s located), the size and type of graffiti, and any other relevant details.

How the City will respond: The City’s GAP is responsible for abating graffiti on sidewalks, curbs, improved drainage easements, and retaining walls. They also assist owners and tenants of private property with graffiti abatement and provide supplies. The City may provide free paint and supplies to help with the cleanup, and City staff will assist with graffiti removal for elderly and disabled citizens upon request. The City aims to abate graffiti within an average of three business days.

Private property: If the graffiti is on private property, it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove it. If you need help with graffiti removal on your private property, consider hiring a professional like House Glow Exterior Cleaning. House Glow uses specialized chemicals and hot water to effectively remove graffiti and restore the appearance of your property.

By reporting graffiti and taking steps to remove it, we can all do our part to keep San Antonio beautiful and free of vandalism. Don’t hesitate to report graffiti when you see it – together, we can make a difference.