Benefits of Building and Property Maintenance

Tenants will agree that the visual of the exterior of their home is a source of pride and increases retention rates. A happy tenant is a long-term tenant and for landlords, keeping fantastic residents in place is like hitting the lottery. However, unlike in the lottery, landlords can do plenty of things to increase the odds of success in keeping their tenants satisfied.

Keeping up with maintenance service requests is essential for any rental business. That said, being proactive in scheduling annual and routine services for common areas on the property goes a long way to avoiding those dreaded emergency repairs. Besides keeping your valuable investment in tip-top shape, regular maintenance is one of the best ways to increase tenant retention. Furthermore, when an issue does arise, address the tenant’s concern promptly and keep them informed throughout the repair process. Caring for your property shows the tenant you care about their experience. House Glow’s experienced and professional staff makes it a lot easier to be a landlord by being your source for regular maintenance of your common exterior areas.

Investing in an easy or multiple methods to pay rent benefits you and your tenant. Nobody likes doing extra work they don’t necessarily have to do. Let your tenants know you appreciate them and trust their judgment by implementing a referral program. Finally, get to know your tenants and keep note of details about them. When you can recall little facts they’ve mentioned, your tenants will appreciate you paying attention. When you listen and have a good relationship with your tenants, it can boost tenant retention. Tenants who get along with their landlords are more likely to renew their leases because they don’t want to risk losing such a great landlord.

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