Gutter Cleaning 101

Unclogging gutter systems that stop rainwater from flowing freely sums up gutter cleaning. Gutters that are clogged prevent water from moving off the roof. If the water penetrates your roof surface, you can weaken your roof’s construction, and water may seep into your home. Not only do you face roof rot, but you may have hidden mold. Gutters should be cleaned twice a year. Autumn and Spring are the best calendar seasons to plan for your cleaning. Whether you hire a professional, like House Glow, or do it yourself, put a reminder in your calendar!

Should this be a DIY project, or should you hire a professional? For homeowners, the main benefit of a professional hire is flushing out gutters with a power wash. Power washes do the heavy work that a regular garden hose cannot. Insects and small rodents love to build nests in leaves inside gutters. Standing water and the loose debris make a perfect place to breed. Companies like House Glow can take care of these pests, inspect your gutter and guards, and remove rust where appropriate. A pro could recommend the installation of gutter guards (wired mesh screens) that will attach to your gutter system catching debris.

You may not associate gutter cleaning with preventing cracks in a foundation, but when gutters are filled, the water from your roof heads straight to your foundation. This erodes your landscaping, saturating the ground with water and contracting your foundation. Keeping gutters free and clear can destroy your home or building’s exterior, including shingles on your roof, soffits protecting your roof and keeping water out of your attic, and fascias ventilating your roof. You know why it’s so important to clean the inside of your gutters. Nobody wants leaks and potential roof issues, but cleaning the outside of gutters is essential if you want to maintain curb appeal. Contact us today for your specialized quotation.

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